What are the trigger points in the game when player starts buying the merch?


What are the trigger points in the game when player starts buying the merch?

We believe that trigger points when gamers will start buying the merch can be determined by these four factors:
1. Game triggers. Every game has it's own game triggers. We used the Octalysis framework to determine those;
2. Game monetization events. Based on game triggers, we created a list of game monetization events that could increase purchase intent;
3. User drop-off rates. We filter out loyal gamers by analyzing user drop-off rates, to offer game merchandise to the most determine audience;
4. Applying game monetization events to the existing game reward system, to sell merchandise at the emotionally right time.


How To: Selling merchandise inside a Unity game

Create an additional revenue stream and monetize your game by selling merchandise as a reward. Now this is easier than ever, with our Unity plugin, that supports both mobile platforms, and desktop operating systems.

If you have a Unity project that you want to enrich with this monetization solution, and make your gamers happy, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to http://themonetizr.com/start and choose Unity:

2. Download the Unity package:

3. Import in Unity:

4. Drag TheMonetizr prefab into your first scene:

5. On desired game event, call sample product with

a) an event handler (use value 9920046026) or

b) in code: Monetizr.Instance.ShowProductWithID("9920046026");  

6. Test integration by running the game in Unity and checking the console:

7. Visit http://themonetizr.com/create-products to request your products:

That's it! Now within 24 hours you will receive your custom products to integrate inside your game. Please contact us at info@themonetizr.com if you have any questions.

Repost: Anatomy of a pitch: The Monetizr states its case for entrepreneurial glory with Covington's UpTech

WCPO did an amazing article about TheMonetizr. I wanted to repost so you can read it as well. Here's the original: http://www.wcpo.com/news/insider/the-stakes-are-high-when-pitching-an-idea-to-uptech-covingtons-tech-startup-accelerator-as-exemplified-by-the-monetizr


Anatomy of a pitch: The Monetizr states its case for entrepreneurial glory with Covington's UpTech

By: Kevin Eigelbach | WCPO contributor

Posted: 7:00 AM, Feb 16, 2017



CINCINNATI -- Suppose you have seven minutes to sum up your life’s work -- the new business you’ve labored over for months, or even years. The one you hope will become the next Facebook, and reap millions.

Further suppose that you must do it in a way that clearly states what the business does -- no matter how complicated it is -- and that makes people want to invest money in it.

That’s the job Martins Bratuskins handled Feb. 9 at the demo day for UpTech, a tech-startup accelerator in Covington. Representatives from the nine businesses in UpTech’s latest class pitched their products to an audience of more than 300 people at the 84.51 building Downtown.

Bratuskins co-founded The Monetizr with two other friends in Latvia, a small country in Eastern Europe, and they all moved to Covington last year to be part of UpTech. Since then, with help from UpTech staff and volunteer mentors, they’ve worked long hours to refine their business plan, as well as their selling pitch to investors.

Andris Merkulovs tapes a tearaway T-shirt onto Martins Bratuskins, fellow co-founder of The Monetizr, before the company’s pitch on UpTech demo day. On the board behind them are written the names of the pitching companies.

Andris Merkulovs tapes a tearaway T-shirt onto Martins Bratuskins, fellow co-founder of The Monetizr, before the company’s pitch on UpTech demo day. On the board behind them are written the names of the pitching companies.

The Monetizr has created software for mobile game producers that helps them cash in while they’re still popular. It sells merchandise to gamers, who qualify to buy it when they reach a particular milestone in the game, like defeating an especially tough bad guy.

That merchandise might be a T-shirt or a mug with the bad guy’s image on it.

Once the gamer decides to buy, The Monetizr uses a network of manufacturers to create the merchandise and ship it to the gamer. It then splits the profits with the gaming company.

It’s not the easiest concept to explain, and Bratuskins and company went through about a dozen iterations of their pitch before demo day.

Version one described The Monetizr as “a turnkey monetization engine for mobile games.” Compared with the final version, it was heavy on text and details.

Following the advice of their UpTech advisers, the founders ditched some details, simplified the text, added more visuals and made the pitch more relatable to investors, many of whom don’t play mobile games.

They explained how The Monetizr works using photos of a gamer named Nick and using him as a character in the pitch.

Investors want to know a company’s vision, how it solves a problem, its business model and its addressable market, said Marvin Abrinica, founder of startup adviser Thrivera and one of The Monetizer’s advisers through UpTech.

But they also want to be entertained, he said.

“Just because you get the elements of a pitch down, doesn’t make it pitch-perfect,” Abrinica said. “There’s still a bit of theater involved. Anytime an audience gathers in front of a stage, you have to be ready to entertain them.”

So Bratuskins honed his pitch delivery by watching himself on video, which proved very helpful. He learned that he needed to pause more, to not look back at the screen displaying his slideshow, and that he moved around too much, which was distracting.

Since his pitch was the sixth of the night, he decided to re-engage the audience by opening with a couple of questions. He asked how many had heard of Pokemon Go, a game that was really popular last summer. Nearly every hand went up.

Then he asked how many had played Pokemon Go in the past month, and only a few hands went up.

That illustrates the problem with most mobile games, Bratuskins said. They typically enjoy only brief popularity, hence the need for game makers to cash in quickly.

The T-shirt he wore to start his pitch illustrated the same point. It graphed the usage of Pokemon Go over time. It a looked a lot like an inverted “V”.

What can solve the problem? The Monetizr, Bratuskins said, as he ripped off the T-shirt, a la Clark Kent, and revealed the Monetizr T-shirt he was wearing beneath it. 

The Pokemon T-shirt was slit open in the back and taped to the Monetizr T-shirt for easy removal.

That bit of theater was suggested by UpTech Managing Director J.B. Woodruff, who said it would be cool if Bratuskins could wear multiple T-shirts. Two seemed doable, Bratuskins said, so four days before demo day, he had them printed up and shipped to him.

During the pitch, Bratuskins felt like his legs were shaking, but if they were, it wasn’t noticeable. He spoke confidently, didn’t make any stumbles and held the audience’s attention.

When he finished, he celebrated by sharing beers with his co-founders. Then they took a selfie.

After all the pitches, investors met with presenters over refreshments. There, Bratuskins said, he got the real validation: Three potential investors expressed interest and scheduled meetings.

Launching the Invest-o-Rama game


Launching the Invest-o-Rama game

Our friends at Social Arcade made a website based game for UpTech, Startup Accelerator in Cincinnati area. Games goal is to drive the awareness about upcoming demo day.

Social Arcade integrated TheMonetizr solution. Once the player gets high-score of $10,000 he/she unlocks an exclusive UpTech t-shirt with all logos of cohort companies. 
This is a web-based game, that could be played both on facebook or on a web. 

Click here to play the game: http://socialarcadeapp.com/UpTech5-Invest-o-rama/

Signup for TheMonetizr here: http://themonetizr.com/

Social Arcade is a platform for branded video games for brands and marketing companies. http://socialarcadeapp.com/ 

UpTech is Greater-Cincinnati’s tech accelerator program for data-driven startups that are developing tech-enabled solutions and seeking equity funding. http://uptechideas.com/


Prediction: Indie gamedev's searching for alternative monetization methods


Prediction: Indie gamedev's searching for alternative monetization methods

In addition to Mobile Gaming predictions for 2017 post made by Mobile Dev Memo, I wanted to add one more prediction from TheMonetizr perspective. And that is... Indie game developers will start searching for alternative mobile game monetization methods.

The new monetization method alternatives will reduce the influence of advertising on developers main revenue stream. Instead, the new monetization methods will provide more reliable and effective mobile app monetization means without disturbing gamers or destroying the game experience.

Game interruption is a huge pain point for indie developers that produce free to play mobile games. Gamers dislike mobile advertising and write bad reviews. Which means high customer turnover, bad Appstore reviews, gradually decreasing Ad CPM rates due to lowering click-through rates, and most important - unhappy players. The interruption of game play ruins the game experience and developers don't like to go against that.

The new monetization method, obviously, is the "in-game merchandising". It works as an encouragement for players, rewarding the gameplay and adding surprise elements to the main game storyline. The new experience will bring digital game experience to the physical world through merchandise and other game branded products, hence extending and enriching the borders of the game and bringing digital experience to the tangible - physical world, providing a new value to the gamer.

The Marketing factor, hence word of mouth and games referrals, will be directly influenced by transformed experience and shift to games physical presence. The physical goods will serve as walking billboards and a conversation starter between the gamers themselves. "I am what I wear and everything I wear, I wear for a reason". The personal experience and fundamental "WHY? element" contributes to the personal game experience and will refer gamers friends as a result. Thus strengthening the chance of success of newly referred users and new installations.

The New monetization method opens up new monetary possibilities. Just like historically all the new monetization methods, at the beginning produce more than 10X higher results, just for example if compared to traditional full-screen video ads that produce low CPM rates. Obviously, the revenue element is a very strong decision point before considering new opportunities, but early adopters and small indie development companies will leverage this opportunity. 

We will see if this prediction is will be correct or not. But one thing is sure, gamers are tired of interruption inside the games and this is can be seen by decreasing ad CPM rates in the industry. So game developers need to continue experimenting to keep up with an ongoing challenge of game monetization. 

Thanks for reading. Andris


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