In addition to Mobile Gaming predictions for 2017 post made by Mobile Dev Memo, I wanted to add one more prediction from TheMonetizr perspective. And that is... Indie game developers will start searching for alternative mobile game monetization methods.

The new monetization method alternatives will reduce the influence of advertising on developers main revenue stream. Instead, the new monetization methods will provide more reliable and effective mobile app monetization means without disturbing gamers or destroying the game experience.

Game interruption is a huge pain point for indie developers that produce free to play mobile games. Gamers dislike mobile advertising and write bad reviews. Which means high customer turnover, bad Appstore reviews, gradually decreasing Ad CPM rates due to lowering click-through rates, and most important - unhappy players. The interruption of game play ruins the game experience and developers don't like to go against that.

The new monetization method, obviously, is the "in-game merchandising". It works as an encouragement for players, rewarding the gameplay and adding surprise elements to the main game storyline. The new experience will bring digital game experience to the physical world through merchandise and other game branded products, hence extending and enriching the borders of the game and bringing digital experience to the tangible - physical world, providing a new value to the gamer.

The Marketing factor, hence word of mouth and games referrals, will be directly influenced by transformed experience and shift to games physical presence. The physical goods will serve as walking billboards and a conversation starter between the gamers themselves. "I am what I wear and everything I wear, I wear for a reason". The personal experience and fundamental "WHY? element" contributes to the personal game experience and will refer gamers friends as a result. Thus strengthening the chance of success of newly referred users and new installations.

The New monetization method opens up new monetary possibilities. Just like historically all the new monetization methods, at the beginning produce more than 10X higher results, just for example if compared to traditional full-screen video ads that produce low CPM rates. Obviously, the revenue element is a very strong decision point before considering new opportunities, but early adopters and small indie development companies will leverage this opportunity. 

We will see if this prediction is will be correct or not. But one thing is sure, gamers are tired of interruption inside the games and this is can be seen by decreasing ad CPM rates in the industry. So game developers need to continue experimenting to keep up with an ongoing challenge of game monetization. 

Thanks for reading. Andris