Our friends at Social Arcade made a website based game for UpTech, Startup Accelerator in Cincinnati area. Games goal is to drive the awareness about upcoming demo day.

Social Arcade integrated TheMonetizr solution. Once the player gets high-score of $10,000 he/she unlocks an exclusive UpTech t-shirt with all logos of cohort companies. 
This is a web-based game, that could be played both on facebook or on a web. 

Click here to play the game: http://socialarcadeapp.com/UpTech5-Invest-o-rama/

Signup for TheMonetizr here: http://themonetizr.com/

Social Arcade is a platform for branded video games for brands and marketing companies. http://socialarcadeapp.com/ 

UpTech is Greater-Cincinnati’s tech accelerator program for data-driven startups that are developing tech-enabled solutions and seeking equity funding. http://uptechideas.com/