Create an additional revenue stream and monetize your game by selling merchandise as a reward. Now this is easier than ever, with our Unity plugin, that supports both mobile platforms, and desktop operating systems.

If you have a Unity project that you want to enrich with this monetization solution, and make your gamers happy, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to and choose Unity:

2. Download the Unity package:

3. Import in Unity:

4. Drag TheMonetizr prefab into your first scene:

5. On desired game event, call sample product with

a) an event handler (use value 9920046026) or

b) in code: Monetizr.Instance.ShowProductWithID("9920046026");  

6. Test integration by running the game in Unity and checking the console:

7. Visit to request your products:

That's it! Now within 24 hours you will receive your custom products to integrate inside your game. Please contact us at if you have any questions.