Imagine a world, where there are more than 1 billion active gamers gazing at the screens of their smart device, switching gears, fighting bosses and surpassing their high scores every single day.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it, there already exists one just like that. In fact, it’s the one you inhabit as you’re reading these lines. 1 billion people is a number that some might have a hard time to fathom. Indeed, it’s a 1/7 of the Earth’s population, constituted of different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, opinions, etc. However, there’s one unifying factor that’s more powerful than all the parting ones combined. It’s their shared hatred towards advertising! Yet all of it is about to change.

TheMonetizr has enabled game developers to replace annoying in-game advertising with a formula that sees no winners and losers, substituting both with an all-around happiness. It’s a plugin that allows developers to reward their fans with high-quality merchandise products for simply playing and enjoying their games. What you get is a super efficient monetization system that allows making money by turning loyal gamers into genuinely happy folks.

The whole Monetizr concept was born out of the hard times when TheMonetizr founders had with the conventional monetization systems. Safe to say, though, they weren’t alone in this. After meeting with several gaming companies, TheMonetizr quickly came to a realization, that there are several other, more exciting and less-irritating ways of implementing the system within mobile gaming products. Digging deeper into the issue and making the better of their domain expertise, the team quickly came up with an innovative monetization concept. Fast forward to today and they have already 65 games registered in their pipeline as of now!

By proposing a unique partnership model to the game developers, TheMonetizr can be accurately described as “Stripe for merchandising”. The game developer simply adds the plugin to their product and from that point on all the merchandise-related responsibilities are off from their shoulders. TheMonetizr basically takes care of everything, from the creation of a virtual shop, manufacturing of goods, down to a safe shipping to the customer. Meanwhile, the developer simply collects the check whilst being able to focus all creative strengths on the quality of the game itself. The whole hassle is handled by others, while the game branded products are bringing in 14 times the revenue one generates from the regular advertising.

With a recently introduced MVP (minimal viable product) feature, TheMonetizr team is setting their sights on new horizons, seeing the implementation of the plugin into real life scenarios as a logical next step to take. The main rule? A high rush of endorphins and a wish to achieve new heights! Expect that everything from a school competition to a marathon, to a high-energy rock concert, will become a platform for unlocking new, original merchandise items! Life, after all, is the greatest game we have a chance to play.