TheMonetizr SDK for iOS

Integration instructions and documentation

TheMonetizr is a monetization engine for mobile games. Our mission is to help game developers increase player retention, loyalty and create an additional revenue stream. TheMonetizr will help you to monetize your games by selling custom merchandise on game accomplishments.

With our easy-to-integrate SDK, you can connect your game with our platform and let players buy your products using Credit Cards and Apple Pay. Your products will be added to our system, and you will be provided with unique product ID's. To find sample product ID's, please check

These products will be shown to your players on game actions (level completed or similar). You have full control to choose when which product will be shown to your players. This documentation will guide you through the integration.


Getting started with TheMonetizr SDK for iOS

Our plugin is available for download on GitHub -

SDK info

This repository includes a demo app with demo configuration and two buttons to open two different products. Device related products can be configured to set default product variant to match user's device. TheMonetizr SDK uses Shopify’s Mobile Buy SDK (distributed under MIT license) for payment processing.

Contents of the SDK

The download includes:

        TheMonetizr SDK for iOS

        Demo app illustrating how you can use the SDK


Before you can use our SDK, you'll need:

        iOS 8.0 or greater

        Xcode 7.0 or greater

        an Apple developer account


Step 1 - Installation

  1. Download the SDK

  2. Add TheMonetizr-SDK to your Xcode project.


Step 2 - Quick Start

Import the header:

#import "Monetizr.h";

Setup and enable Apple Pay in your project (Optional - see instructions below)

Now the installation is complete. To open product view use the following line to open the product view with your desired product:

{   [Monetizr showProductWithID:@"Provided product ID"]   }



Check product ID's of sample products (

You have successfully integrated TheMonetizr SDK for iOS.

You can now test the integration and make a test order.


Apple Pay (optional)

You can enable support for Apple Pay in the product view. Customers using your game will then have the option of paying with Apple Pay, instead of providing their credit card details.

Before you can enable Apple Pay for your iOS app, you need:

        an Apple Mac with Xcode installed

        an Apple Developer Account

        membership of Apple's iOS Developer Program

Obtain an Apple Pay certificate

You do not need to obtain an Apple Pay certificate. Use the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) provided upon request by TheMonetizr.

Activate your merchant ID in your iOS app

When you've received the Apple Pay certificate, you must activate your merchant ID to make Apple Pay available in your iOS app.

Before you begin, make sure that you have Xcode installed on your Mac.

    1.    In Xcode, open your project settings.

    2.    Choose the Capabilities tab, and slide the Apple Pay switch to ON.

    3.    Log in to your Developer Account if you're asked to.

    4.    Enable the Apple Pay Identifiers checkbox next to your merchant ID.